We act in solidarity with displaced people to promote equal access to nutrition and education.

Our philosophy is simple: good food has the power to restore dignity and humanity, bringing people together and reaching across borders and cultural barriers.

One of the guiding principles of our work is not just to distribute food, but to use it to build a welcoming community where people feel at home, safe and empowered regardless of background, race or religion.

We empower the people we work with, offering the chance to learn and develop vital transferable skills through practical work. We also offer training to enhance specific skills, promote employment and integration.

What we do

We bring people together, reaching across cultural and linguistic barriers to provide a diverse array of delicious food.

Who we are

Our work is based on solidarity rather than charity: we choose to work with, not just for the people we intend to help.

Where we work

We work in Athens, supporting displaced people who are facing food insecurity and adverse living conditions.

We envision a world where food brings us together in harmony.

Our project in numbers

Meals served

With your support, we can ensure that displaced people have access to nutritious meals that offer a taste of home in a foreign place.