What we do

We cook warm, nutritious meal and offer a safe, supportive space for vocational cooking training.

Our work

Everyone must be granted their right to equal opportunities, nutritious food, education and autonomy to make decisions. That is why we act in solidarity with people and do our utmost to ensure that these basic human rights are fulfilled.

We work in Athens, Greece, with the aim to address the most basic needs of displaced and homeless people whilst simultaneously creating opportunities for training, social inclusion, and active participation in the community. 

We act in solidarity with people who have limited or no access to food. In our professional and licensed kitchen (Centre No. 1263267) we cook tasty, nutritious meals for displaced and homeless fellow-citizens of Athens.

To promote equal access to education, we also run free Cooking Training Programmes certified by ACTA- a Spin-off of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (License No. 1169), for those who cannot afford educational fees for the culinary industry.