Who we are

We are a collective of individuals who aim to work in a creative, flexible and equal way.

Our background

Project Armonia was originally established on the Aegean Island of Samos in 2019 to respond to an emergency need for food. Displaced people lived in inhumane conditions in a Reception and Identification Centre which at the peak of its overcrowding housed around 8000 people in a space built for 648. Men, women and children had to wait up to 6 hours to receive a meal that was either inedible or had no nutritional value.

We worked with the displaced community to set up a free restaurant, serving up to 1,200 meals per day.

Alongside this, we offered opportunities for practical skills development and administrative employment preparation for our team from the displaced community. 

In 2022, we relocated our work to Athens to begin serving warm, nutrious meals and set up a base for culinary vocational training and job-linking.

Our approach

Our work is based on solidarity, as opposed to charity. That is why we work with not for the community in our projects. Our team comes together from a variety of backgrounds to carry out our collective mission.

We believe that individuality and diversity make us stronger, uniting us, rather than dividing us. That is why we strive to work across language and cultural barriers to share a variety of flavours, approaches and views to create an inclusive, welcoming community where everyone can feel at home.