Who we are

We are a collective of individuals who aim to work in a creative, flexible and equal way.

Our history

We have a wealth of experience working with NGOs, charitable organisations and the hospitality sector across Europe, particularly in Greece. 

Project Armonia grew out of an emergency need for nutritious food provision on Samos. 

Not only did people live without real shelter, electricity, running water or basic safety, the food they received was of dire quality often coming laced with more maggots and mould than nutritional properties. Therefore, in 2019, we brought our experience together to create a free-restaurant for refugees on the Greek island of Samos to provide people with the dignity and nutrition they are entitled to. 

Our mission

Access to healthy, nutritious food is a fundamental  human right. We are committed to ensuring that this right is met for all people on the move. 

In Greek, Armonia means ‘harmony’. One of the guiding principles of our work is not just to distribute food, but use it to build a welcoming community where people feel at home, safe and empowered regardless of background, race or religion. 

If there is one thing that Armonia holds to be true, it is that food has no borders. Food has the power to speak across all barriers and remind us of our shared humanity. 

How we organise

We are a community of people from a wide array of backgrounds, with a variety of cultural traditions. 

The majority of our volunteers are from the local refugee community. They are from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Sierra Leone and many other countries. Our chefs prepare meals from their home countries to share with our guests.

Our diversity is our strength, enabling us to respect one another and see the world from different perspectives. We are committed to working together in order to fulfil basic needs and bring about a deepened understanding of our shared humanity.